Thursday, March 22, 2012

At a Crossroad

We have been working Crossroads adoption agency. They really have been great! Our first meeting with them was back in November when we were just starting to look in to our adoption options. We were a bit uneasy about how the whole process worked. So we attended one of their informational meetings. We also attended an informational meeting at Children's Home Society & Family Services. We did like both agencies but liked the fact that Crossroads was smaller and they pretty much hold your hand through the whole process.  After Christmas we set up another meeting with Crossroads to get a bit more information. We then decided that this was the agency that we wanted to go with and so we did. I really like the name of their agency for it really has a meaning for me for the fact that we were basically at a crossroads in our lives it gave me a feeling of it was meant be!

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