Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Tears and Design fun

Sunday was Mother's Day my first thought was ughh.. just another reminder that I am not one yet. My second thought I have been blessed with the greatest mom ever! I have also been blessed with a pretty awesome Mother-in-Law. Both have become very important women and role models in my life. And for that reason I was going to try and not be sad about Mother's Day but try and make the best of it.. I woke up somewhat tired on Sunday morning walked into the kitchen and there was my sweet husband standing there with a grin on his face, I then took a look on the kitchen table where there was a cute little Giraffe gift bag inside the gift bag was a little shirt that read my mom rocks and a bunch of cute little bibs and a mother to be Mother's day card for me. Immediately tears start running down my face. Justin looks at me and says "What?" as he smiles ear to ear.. Yep! you got it this is why I married this man he is the biggest sweetest guy ever! He just knows how to make me happy when I am sad and is there with me through think and thin. I know he will be the best Dad ever!

So after the tears and hugs Justin informs me that there are not a lot of  designs for mother's to be that don't have a pregnant lady on them.. I thought humm I can fix that, well maybe not this year but maybe next year. So my next design project is going to be to make designs that are geared towards those of us who are building our families through adoption. I started working on this today. Here is an example of a baby shower invite that I have been working on.

Friday, May 4, 2012

And the waiting begins...

Last weekend was a busy for us as we celebrated family birthdays. Which seem to creep up fast every year.  I guess that is part of having large families but none the less we love seeing and celebrating with everyone.
 Our week has been full of anticipation as we got everything ready to bring to our meeting with our social worker yesterday. We got all of your paper work in the books are being sent out next week which means we no being our Official waiting period. Which is the start of our "Pregnancy" well non traditional pregnancy that is lol..   Best part for me is no weight gain and if I want my steak a little raw and a glass of wine I can! :) Oh and I don't have to give up my herbal tea which I love! Yes Justin tells me I am Teavana obsessive. I have to agree that I have become quite the tea snob.
So the next leg of our journey begins.. waiting.. While waiting we hope to prepare the baby room and get ready for our new arrival which could happen with in six months, a year, 3 months, who knows.. that's the thing we just don't know it is out of our control and something we just have to roll with. Which is not new to us, we consider ourselves to be pretty easy going and a go with the flow type of couple which we have been told will help us along the way.

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