Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's amazing how fast Ayla is growing it seems like it was just yesterday that we could lace our hands around her tiny little waist. She truly has been such a happy baby she is smiling most of the time.. but be warned if she is not fed on time.. The world will know lol.. And as you have all heard she has some pretty good lungs!

Justin and I have met a lot of great couples on our adoption journey. Two of the couples we have met through one of our adoption groups and another couple that is part of our online adoption group got their little ones. This is such a neat thing to witness and we are so happy for all of them! And Ayla is so excited to meet her new friends. We are always so amazed by the wonderful families we have met along the way. For those of you who read my blog and are still waiting don't give up! It will happen! :)
Ayla on her Baptism what a pretty princess..

Ayla and daddy

Ayla & Mommy

Ayla & Daddy

Ayla hanging out at Zoss Design :)


  1. She is so beautiful. I Love You both very much!!!

  2. What a bright, beautiful girl. I love those eyes!

  3. Thanks Beth!:) I can't wait to meet your little beauty :)


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