Thursday, October 4, 2012

It really does happen! :) SUPRISE!

humm.. Where do I even begin with this one.. Well we are parents!!
On Monday September 17th our day started out normal. Justin was off to work and I was off to a business meeting. My meeting went great and I returned home and started to get to work on a few of my many work projects that I had going on when suddenly my cell phone rang. I made a mad dash up the stairs to the kitchen to answer my phone. The reason for my phone being in the kitchen was I don't get very good reception in the basement so I wanted to be sure that at all times it had the best possible reception just in case you know we get "The Call". So I then proceed to answer the phone while out of breath I am sure Joanna (our social worker) thought I had been running a mile or something lol.. This is how it went  (me)"Hello" (Joanna)"Hi Amanda this is Joana, how are you?" (me) "good" (Joanna) "well you have been chosen by a birth mom in Florida and the baby is already here. it is a baby girl and she was born on Saturday" (me) "oh ok" . That is about all I remember lol.. from then on I was in complete and udder shock! I didn't even know what to do for the first five minuets or so I think I stood there frozen just staring. This was finally "The Call" This was going to be our baby girl! And we had to leave ASAP! I then waited to get the various info on the birth family and medical records and ect.. from the agency down in Florida so we could look over it and decided if this is the right situation for us. It was more like they were waiting for us to say YES. Well they did not have to wait very long!

We got the info which I then forwarded on to Justin who was at work. Then I got to call Justin. My words to him were Honey pack your bags were going to Florida to get our baby girl! His reaction was "WHAT!!" and I was like yeah we have been chosen and the baby is already here! From then on our minds were racing and the stress of travel and what to pack at set in. I think I had to take several deep breaths to come down to earth! Justin immediately began looking into flights to see how soon we could leave. The earliest flight he could find left the next morning very early. So we booked it!

That night we headed out to get some  baby girl clothes since all of the clothes we had been collecting from our various generous friends and family had all been boy clothes. We were so thrilled that it was a girl! We both really wanted a girl but were open to either boy or girl. We also wanted to get a special gift for her birth mother. We ended up getting a birthstone necklace for her that had Ayla's birthstone in it. I knew it was nothing compared to the wonderful gift she was about to give us!!!! She is truly and amazing woman who will always be a part of our family. We love her just as much as we love Ayla. I felt this love for her even before we met her.

So after about gee maybe 3 hrs of sleep we were headed to the airport with some baby gear and our gear. It was so weird to be caring a baby carrier without a baby in it yet. The excitement and anticipation was so overwhelming! 

When we arrived in FL we called the agency and were told to meet them at the hospital at 2:30. We literally had time to check in to our hotel and grab a quick bite to eat. This was our last meal as just the two of us which really wasn't that great. We ended up going to Burger king yeah not exactly the healthiest place to eat in the world but it did the job. We were starving as we didn't eat much that morning since we were running around getting everything together. After our quick bite to eat we headed to the hospital where we anxiously waited to meet with the social worker from the agency. We kept second guessing if we were even at the right place. Every time someone came through the hospital doors we were like Is that her? Is that her?.. Finally it was her and we all sat down to fill out a few more forms. In adoption paper work seems never ending. It was so hard to read carefully through all of the paper work when I was about to meet my baby girl soon. So after the paper work was completed the social worker gave us a gift from the birth mother it was a Eor and a a pack of adorable pink receiving blankets. This was such a beautiful gesture. Again I couldn't believe the love I had for this woman that I had never met, but who was about to give us the greatest gift in the world and who would change our life forever! I almost broke down in tears but I managed to hold it together. From there we went to the NICU to meet Ayla. She was placed in the NICU due to a accelerated heart rate at birth but once they moved her there they found everything to be just perfect. First we were met by a nurse who gave us the run through on how to scrub down before entering the NICU I was a little scared about all the scrubbing and all and I hoped I was doing the right thing. Of course that was just me again worrying too much lol.. So we got all scrubbed in and then proceeded through the doors to where little Ayla was sleeping away not making a peep. Here is video of our first meeting.
We couldn't have asked for a better situation everything went absolutely perfect! We want to thank all of you for all of your support through this adoption process. Everyone of you has given us the strength and hope to carry on and not give up and we are so glad that we didn't! We are now a family! we have found our missing puzzle piece! And we love her more then anything! More photos and updates to come soon! as well as what it was like meeting her birth mother as well as what it was like to become instant parents!


  1. I remember you trying to figure out what to get the birth mother... what you decided on sounds perfect! So sweet of her to give you gifts, too. <3

    Congrats, again. :)

  2. Thanks Jenny! Yeah she loved it and said she was never going to take it off. :)

  3. Congratulations!!!! She's absolutely beautiful! Not even sure how you slept at all the night before you had to leave to get her. lol. Happy for you :)

  4. Wegotkidz, Thank you so much! Sleeping was very difficult the night before. ;) I feel like I am getting more sleep now :) It's great to hear from you!! :)


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